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When and Where Can I Find You?

Our current worship service time is on the 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings of each month at 148 River Street. 

Am I Able to Worship With You?

Absolutely! You are certainly welcome to visit and participate in worship with us. You don't need to be a member of our church, or even a Christian to visit! We'll supply the Bible for reading and the Psalter for singing; you just show up.

What Happens at Worship?

Our worship style could be described as reverent, minimalistic, community-minded, and Bible-centered. As a church family, we treasure the ancient truth of the Gospel: that Jesus Christ came to save sinners like us. So, we seek to center our worship around this Gospel, by doing the things that God instructs us to do during worship.


This means that we read passages from the Bible, listen to Biblical preaching, sing Psalms from the Bible together acapella, pray together, give tithes and offerings, and occasionally receive communion together and witness baptisms (further instruction on eligibility to participate in these sacraments will be given when these blessings are offered).


You will find that our emphasis is placed on coming together as a family to worship a holy God, who desires to meet with His people. You will be invited to lay your burdens down, hear God's Word, and respond with joy in repentance, faith, and lots of singing!

Can I Bring My Kids?

We consider it a joy to have children worship with us and they are all welcome. We believe that it is important to have children participate in the worship service with us, so we love to have them with us for the entirety of the service, even if they are making a little bit of noise. We do understand that sometimes children have difficult times sitting throughout the service, so we have space available for you and your little one to be able to step out and catch a breathe or change a diaper. Just make sure to come back with them soon!

How Should I Dress?

We do not have a dress code. Some of us wear dresses, some wear ties, some wear blue jeans, etc. Just be comfortable and appropriate.

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